Do you know the effect that cleanliness has on your workplace?

How your office looks can have an effect on efficiency, productivity and moral.  The general look and removal of dust and spillages can create prestige that resonates throughout your company. Not to mention that dirty equipment has less shelf life, there are so many reasons to keep a sparklingly clean office.

The cleanliness of your office can act as a marketing tool and have a direct effect on the perception of your company.  Many companies want to demonstrate quality in all aspects of their business, from management down to the cleanliness of their office- it shows attention to detail and that high standards are always met.

If you are able to create a home from home for your staff, they will feel more comfortable working in the office. This will encourage them to work longer and more efficiently, they may not even want to leave in their lunch hour for example because the kitchen facilities are so well kept. Furthermore, healthier employees have less ‘sick days’. Need any more reasons to keep your office clean?

Panpsychism suggests that everything is interconnected and if you put care into all that you do, including the way you iron your shirts and keep your desk tidy, you will reap the rewards.  Whether this is true or not, it’s clear that a tidy desk is a tidy mind!

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